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Metus INGEST supports 10-bit encoding


Metus INGEST is using 8 bits for video encoding. But now we started to use 10 bits for encoding, which means more quality than usual. Our team is doing their best to improve MetusINGEST each and every day. Here in this new feature, more quality videos come up in video recording.

Metus INGEST uses Blackmagic Decklink boards to capture 10-bit video source and can capture into 10-bit H.264 video. 10 bits video offers two main advantages; better video quality & reduced color smearing.

This new feature of MetusINGEST helps to store more videos with better quality at smaller file size with the help of H.264 encoding. 10-bit encoding is supported from version 3.2 

etter video quality and reduced color smearing.

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