Metus INGEST Supports Intel Quick Sync for H.264 Encoding

Metus INGEST supports Intel® Quick Sync Hardware Acceleration for H.264 based encoding Software based H.264 encoding is a CPU intensive process and it is hardly possible to have even 1 full HD H264 real time capture on a single CPU computer, even with modern CPUs.

Intel SandyBridge enabled CPU and motherboards, coupled with Intel on-board graphics, provide Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology, which, among other things, offer the option to off-load H.264 encoding from the CPU to the graphics processor (GPU) We are proud to announce that Metus INGEST now supports Intel® Quick Synch on a Quick Synch enabled platform.

It is now possible to capture up to 3x 1080p full HD channels of H.264 video, or 8 channels of SD H.264 based video, into files or streams or both. In order to have Intel Quick Sync on the host platform, the motherboard and CPU must have the compatible Intel SandyBridge chipset, and there should be on board graphics adapter with Quick Synch support, such as the Intel HD Graphics 3000 or HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent. Some branded workstations have already been certified, such as the HP Z220. H.264(AVC) codec is commonly used in flash(f4v), mp4, mov file wrappers and allows a wide quality spectrum ranging from internet to broadcast/production quality (AVC-Intra100, XDCAM-EX, etc.) Intel Quick Synch, accelerates only H.264 based encoding, Metus INGEST continues to use CPU only for all other codecs.