Metus in another high-end application at TV8

The system has ben designed fully HD. 7x2 channel , 2x4 channel, and 2xsingle channel ingest stations are used for VTR feeds ingest. A total of 45 clients have been deployed over Istanbul and Ankara sites, which can synchronize their archives over WAN connection.

A total of 50 Edius users (about 5 with video board and the rest software only) access the system for production and news. Using the Metus plugin for Edius, they can access the archive directly, from inside their editing application, search, browse, simply drag to timeline and edit.

A high-end newsroom system has been deployed from OCTOPUS, and integrated with Metus. News managers and reporters, when writing their news, can access the Metus MAM from inside the Octopus client, to search and browse assets, and drop them into their stories, which are then added to the rundowns pending approval.

For the rest of the traffic, playlists created from the Metus client interface, are exported by Metus to AVECO automation system, which drives a 14 channel OMNEON playout system deployed in the master control and studios. A total of 100 TB archive has been deployed at TV8, around 90 of it in Istanbul and 10 in Ankara, with users in each site able to securely browse the other site’s archive, or syncronise part or all of the local site archive on command Project is deployed in Istanbul, Turkey, with support of AVKOM Technology, a major dealer of Metus.