Korea Telekom Media Hub has chosen Metus Systems!

Korea Telekom Media Hub is the service provider for KT's Satellite TV, IPTV, mobile IPTV, advertisements and content businesses in Korea and leader of content providers in Korean market. They needed multi-channel broadcast transmission as they started looking for new business models for end to end service. So they build up new multi-channel broadcast transmission center for broadcast to cable, satellite, IPTV. This center integrated a file based automation systems from Metus INGEST to the transmission with shared storage and tape archive. They needed to processing over 50~100hr incoming contents to Metus INGEST each day, which is steadily increasing due to channel density As a part of this system, they needed fast and easy content management system for network transfer, search, transcode and archive. For which, they used Metus MAM and Metus INGEST. Metus MAM allows easy browsing and search of content with its flexible metadata scheme and proxy playback system. It can move files between Ingest, online storage and tape library and integrate seamlessly with the in-house automation system via the Metus API. It will also function as the backbone of the cloud service direct to the client via the internet.

Daniel Oh at Sanam Techology adds; "Metus MAM & Metus INGEST is provided to work seamlessly for content management with a flexible system. And Korea Telekom Media Hub becomes a 'No.1 media content company "to provide value to their customers by integrating lifestyle one can jump to the content - the new broadcast platforms, including business, content investment and advertising, new media to dig through communication-media." Specifications & Benefits; - Flexible metadata scheme and proxy playback system - On-line storage and tape library - In-house automation system via the Metus API. - 10x Metus MAM Client - 2x MAS - 2x MPS - 1x MAM API - 2x Ingest Pro 4 CH - 1x XenData