iPad Remote Controller for Metus INGEST

Metus INGEST Remote Controller is a new iPad app designed to give broadcasters and post production companies complete control over their multi-channel ingest projects. Connecting wirelessly to the INGEST recording, encoding and streaming system, an iPad can now wirelessly trigger all key processes including capture, pause, stop, or split files for each INGEST channel via a simple interface.

Metus INGEST sits at the heart of a facility and replaces multiple VTRs, DDRs, streaming encoders and file transcoding systems. Our new iPad app is a real breakthrough, putting massive functionality into the hands of the director or archivist, giving them access to the system from any location. Said Mustafa Yilmaz, Managing Director of Metus.

In live production environments, the crew can use the app to trigger the recording of individual camera feed. This avoids continuously recording from each source, which is wasteful of disk space and lengthens the editing process. With the new app, the Ingest workstation can be securely housed in the machine room, with the director remotely controlling the application with the iPad from the studio floor. Using the app, archivists can also monitor each capture channel remotely, ensuring that both pictures and sound are being successfully fed into the system.

Finally, Metus INGEST Remote Controller gives users real-time feedback on system health, disk space and the status of each encoder. As INGEST is a mission critical device, this level of monitoring is vital.

Download the application