Eyeworks Argentina Prefers Metus Archive Systems!

One of their shows is named 'AQST Before it be Late which is aired on Channel 2 – America TV everyday in primetime. AQST is a talk show that requires many hours of editing and extreme usage of media assets to review what took place in national and international TV, focusing on the humorous side. Also, they have a large stock of analog and digital videotapes, so they began to investigate about preserving their content in a tapeless workflow.

Two Metus INGEST workstations (8 total channels) are installed (Viewcast Quad analog and BMD HD Extreme installed in each) to record 8 live feeds - 20 hours/7 days. Also, they digitize their tape archive for the remainder of the day. 5 operators enter metadata information for the videos while recording, also enter text descriptions for the whole show to be used for search later in Metus Media Asset Management system. The production house make basic cut-edit with Metus viewer within Metus MAM.

Metus MAM structure consists of 1 Archive server (Avid Unity media network server), 1 process server (HP DL160) which is Metuss transcoding engine used for creating proxy and transcode purposes, and 1 library server (HP DL380 as a local disk storage with MAM client installed).

Federico Garzon of Eyeworks Argentina said; "I think Metus is a great system, from a very creative company who grow in the last years, and I am sure they are going to be one of the leaders in the MAM business, they have a good product for any budget, and scalable."